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BristolFurs Meet: Christmas Conundrum [Dec 11 2010]

Posted by Tito Amor on Dec 1, 2010 in Events, Past Meets

Sorry for the late posting of this, curse you internets…

Well we’re here once more in the wintery months some of us with silky snow for better or worse. It’s good, in these times of cold to all meet up and share company with those with a furry affliction and enjoy a good time, which is why we’re here right? To try and break with tradition (or perhaps start one) we feel it might be a grand ol’ time to meet up for a nice Christmas meal at a restaurant, nothing too fancy and hopefully one in which we can all participate too. If anyone has ideas as to the style of foods please let us know in this thread, I’ll be trying to book a place this week and have a few restaurants in mind, nothing to pay in advance, but if all else fails there’s always the local spoons.

Itinerary for the day:

10:30-11:30 – Meet at Bristol Temple Meads
12:00-13:30 – Starbucks for caffeine goodness ^^
13:30-15:00 – Ramble around town: German Christmas market, shops and great time to pick up any presents you may want while in Brizzle.
15:00-17:00 – Crimbo meal together
17:00-late – Wind down the evening in the Knights Templar to a few drinkies and the usual bunch of laughs ^^

Soooooo….who’s coming?

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Off with the shoes – November 20th 2010

Posted by Tito Amor on Nov 11, 2010 in Events, Past Meets

On with the skates ^^

This meet is for the 20th November

The winter is on its way and as a bit of a seasonal event thought it would be good japery and spiffing fun to hit the ice for a bit of skating once more. I know some people don’t get on with ice skating so as an alternative, bowling at The Lanes is also good fun too :3

Cost of ice skating is £7.75 including skate hire. Students can get a concession rate of £5, just remember your student ID. The session is between 14:00 and 17:00 so a possible three hours on the ice.


10:30-11:30 Meet at Temple Meads station
11:30-13:00 Starbucks, Cabot Circus. A bit of a change but very close to the usual spot.
14:00-1700 ice skating/bowling
17:00+ Meet up at the Knights Templar to run the day down for food, drinks and laughs ^^

Sooooo…who’s interested? :3

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Bristolfurs Meet: Boatin’ Along The River Tea Party, September 19th 2010

Posted by Tito Amor on Aug 7, 2010 in Events, Past Meets

It’s that time of year again and fast approaching is the BristolFurs next boat meet September 19th!

Those of you who went last year will be sure to remember how fantastic it was and so we’re continuing on with tradition to bring it back this year and hopefully for many more to come. The day entails meeting in the morning at Bristol Temple Meads before venturing forth on a boat trip full of furs down the river enjoying the fun and games along the way (and maybe a drink from the shop on board) until arriving at our destination, hidden in Bristolia for the secret tea party! Throw in games, laughs to enjoy with your own cup of tea and scone for the occassion. Also if you’re still peckish or fancy a drink you can utilise the quaint pub that is at the scene also. For those of you daring enough a Victorian theme will be in place also, something of which I will definitely be contributing towards ^^

The costs of this are £10 per person, this includes the boat fee, tea and scones. We need as many people as possible to make this work and we really want it to. Talk to others who’ve been in the past and check out some of the photos as this is one of the BristolFurs big events of the year and really shouldn’t be missed!

Count your pennies, beg your friends, this event is open to all in the Bristol area and everywhere else; lets make this year even better than last year!

Tickets can be purchased from myself at the BristolFurs meet in August or through paypal (e-mail for details at secretary@bristolfurs.org)
Anyone interested leave a shoutout on this page ^^

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